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Aim and Program

The "Higher Structures in Algebraic Analysis" Winter School and Workshop will be held
at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Padova from February 10 to February 21, 2014.
The School will be taught during the first week and center around four mini courses.
The Workshop will run during the second week and include a series of colloquium-style talks.
We will try to make the School more introductory and the Workshop more advanced.

During the first week, the mini courses will be complemented by daily exercise and open discussion sessions.
During the second week, the invited talks will be accompanied by short communications by the participants, and time for open discussions will also be provided.

Among the topics discussed:
Infinity categories
Derived Geometry
Hodge D-modules
Non-commutative Hodge Structures
Kobayashi-Hitchin correspondence

Program of the School (10-14/02/2014)

First floor of Torre Archimede, Room 1AD100.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.30/9.00 Registration
9.00/10.30 Cisinski 1 ••• Cisinski 3 ••• Cisinski 4 ••• Calaque 3 Calaque 4
10.30/11.00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11.00/12.30 Bottacin 1 ••• Bottacin 2 ••• Sabbah 2 ••• Bottacin 3 ••• Sabbah 3 •••

14.00/15.30 Cisinski 2 ••• Sabbah 1 ••• 14.00/14.30
S. C.: Dalakov •••
Bottacin 4 •••
15.30/16.00 Coffee break Coffee break 14.40/15.10
S. C.: Di Natale •••
Coffee break
16.00/17.30 Calaque 1 Calaque 2 15.20/15.50
S. C.: Sakai •••
Sabbah 4

"S. C."= Short Communication

Program of the Workshop (17-21/02/2014)

First floor of Torre Archimede, Room 1A150.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9.00/10.00 Registration and Coffee D'Agnolo ••• Pantev Joyce 3 ••• Behrend
10.00/10.30 10.00/11.00
Joyce 1 •••
Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break 10.00/11.00
10.30/11.30 11.00/12.00
Joyce 2 ••• Ivorra Sabbah ••• 11.00/11.30
Coffee break
11.35/12.35 Manetti ••• Efimov Shklyarov 11.30/12.30
Yekutieli •••

14.00/15.00 Boalch Fiorenza ••• Reichelt
15.00/15.30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
15.30/16.30 Caldararu 15.30/16.00
S. C.: Chiu •••
S. C.: Teyssier
16.30/17.30 Noohi 16.10/16.40
S. C.: Rizzardo
S. C.: Ben-Bassat
S. C.: Wolfson
S. C.: Kravets

"S. C."= Short Communication

Social activities

A dinner with the participants of the workshop is planned in the evening of Thursday the 20th of February.

A visit to the historical buildings of Padova University and of the city center is planned in the afternoon of Wednesday the 19th of February. The visit's lenght is about 3 hours starting at 14.30.