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Program of the Workshop

(See at the bottom of the page for the schedule; see below for the list of short talks.)

Plenary talks (for the abstracts see here)

Ahmed Abbes (IHES, France)
"The p-adic Simpson correspondence" (slides)

Tomoyuki Abe (Kavli IPMU, Japan)
"Trace formalism and l-p independence in arithmetic D-modules"

Hélène Esnault (Free University, Berlin, Germany)
"Complex rigid connections and F-isocrystals"

Javier Fresán (École Polytechnique, France)
"Realisations of exponential motives"

Michel Gros (Université de Rennes I, France)
"A q-deformation of the local Ogus-Vologodsky correspondance" (slides)

Marco Hien (Augsburg University, Germany)
"Some explicit topological computations of Stokes phenomena"

Michael Kapranov (Kavli IPMU, Japan)
"Fourier transform on hyperplane arrangements"

Takuro Mochizuki (RIMS, Japan)
"Periodic monopoles and difference modules" (slides)

Teresa Monteiro Fernandes (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
"An overview over the relative Riemann-Hilbert correspodence" (slides)

Claude Sabbah (École Polytechnique, France)
"Degenerations of irregular singularities" (preprint)

Vivek Shende (UC Berkeley, USA)
"Sheaf quantization of the exact symplectic category"

Kiyoshi Takeuchi (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
"On irregularities of Fourier transforms of regular holonomic D-modules" (slides)

Dmitri Tamarkin (Northwestern University, USA)
"The axiomatic microlocal category"

Nicolas Templier (Cornell University, USA)
"Mirror symmetry for minuscule flag varieties" (slides)

Jean-Baptiste Teyssier (KU Leuven, Belgium)
"Moduli of Stokes torsors and singularities of differential equations"

Boris Tsygan (Northwestern University, USA)
"Microlocal categories and two-functors"

Short talks (for the abstracts see here)

Marco D'Addezio (Free University, Berlin, Germany)
"Monodromy groups of F-isocrystals" (slides)

Christophe Dubussy (Université de Liège, Belgium)
"Holomorphic cohomological convolution and Hadamard product" (slides)

Julian Holstein (Lancaster University, UK)
"The derived period map"

Tatsuki Kuwagaki (Kavli IPMU, Japan)
"Sheaf quantization of the great circle"

Simon Pepin Lehalleur (Free University, Berlin, Germany)
"On the motive of the stack of vector bundles on a curve" (slides, preprint)

Takahiro Saito (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
"Milnor monodromies and mixed Hodge structures for non-isolated hypersurface singularities"

Avi Steiner (Purdue University, USA)
"A-Hypergeometric Modules and Gauss–Manin Systems" (slides, preprint)

Dimitri Wyss (FSM Paris, France)
"Arithmetic aspects of open de Rham spaces" (slides)

Daxin Xu (California Institute of Technology, USA)
"Lifting the Cartier transform of Ogus-Vologodsky modulo pn" (slides, preprint)

Schedule (last updated on January 18)

The lectures will take place on the first floor of the Mathematics Department (Torre Archimede), room 1A150.
Mon 5/2
09:00-10:00	registration
10:00-10:55	Hélène Esnault
coffee break
11:30-12:25	Tomoyuki Abe
pause for lunch
14:00-14:55	Vivek Shende
coffee break
15:30-16:25	Michael Kapranov
16:30-17:25	Boris Tsygan

Tue 6/2
9:00-9:55	Marco Hien
coffee break
10:30-11:25	Teresa Monteiro Fernandes
11:30-12:25	Kiyoshi Takeuchi
pause for lunch
14:00-14:30	Tatsuki Kuwagaki
14:40-15:10	Christophe Dubussy
coffee break
15:40-16:10	Takahiro Saito
16:20-16:50	Avi Steiner

Wed 7/2
9:00-9:55	Javier Fresán
coffee break
10:30-11:25	Nicolas Templier
11:30-12:25	Jean-Baptiste Teyssier
free afternoon

Thu 8/2
9:00-9:55	Ahmed Abbes
10:00-10:55	Michel Gros
coffee break
11:30-12:00	Daxin Xu
pause for lunch
14:00-14:30	Marco D'Addezio
14:40-15:10	Simon Pepin Lehalleur
coffee break
15:40-16:10	Dimitri Wyss
16:20-16:50	Julian Holstein

Fri 9/2
9:00-9:55	Dmitri Tamarkin
coffee break
10:30-11:25	Takuro Mochizuki
11:30-12:25	Claude Sabbah